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Monthly Tuk Tuk Rental Cambodia Driver

Price $500USD: For 1 personBook Now
The month­ly Tuk Tuk Rental is locat­ed in Phnom Penh and you can hire a dri­ver tuk tuk as your pri­vate that he is going to bring you to your work­ing site at actu­al time.   the price for dai­ly work­ing is two times a day 5 day a week it is cost from 300 usd a month. the bud­get of 300 usd is cov­ered petrol, oils and oth­er expenses 
  • first start is greet you from your home to your office
  • sec­ond start is meet­ing you at your work­ing site then bring you to go back home and can also make lit­tle stop on the way home
  Tour price is assigned for one person 
Group Size 1 Per­son 2 Per­sons 3 Per­sons 4 Per­sons 5 Per­sons 6 Per­sons 7 Per­sons 8 Per­son up
Price per person 500 USD 550USD