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Bong Pho Holiday Koh Rong Koh Rong Saloem Islands

Sit­ting and drink­ing cold beer on the nat­ur­al island of Koh Rong Koh and Rong Saloem Islands is a nice time for any relax­ation and it’s a great time to have  bot­tle of cold beers hold­ing in hands, an evening time it’s also a good time for sit­ting or walk­ing along the white sandy beach and to enjoy won­der­ful sun­set from our frontside of oth­er islands.  Every resort is pro­vid­ed sun­bathing chairs to their cus­tomers to enjoy din­ner, swim­ming in the cold sea, enjoy big wave of sea­wa­ters and to watch­ing peo­ples are walk­ing across from side to oth­er side along the clear­ly beaches  Restau­rant is stored to seashores  lying your back on ham­mock in waters and to enjoy cold beers lis­ten­ing to sound of musics which you need to bring MP3 along with you  Restau­rant on 100% of natural  tak­ing pri­vate boat to near­by islands to do snor­kel­ing or diving