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Cambodia Countryside Golden Sunset

The Cam­bo­dia Gold­en sun­set can be viewed at any­where from where you are at and sun­set views most­ly has got dif­fer­ence look for some­times while the sun­set is in or around cities, moun­tains and or coun­try­sides. and the more inter­est­ed look when we are see­ing a reflex­ion views by waters like lakes, rivers and oceans. The whole views of Cam­bo­dia gold­en coun­try­side sun­set can be seen only when you/we are trav­el­ing from the main cities like Phnom Penh, Siem reap and oth­er cap­i­tals of the coun­try to rur­al areas of the king­dom of Cam­bo­dia, and also the best time to see the red gold­en round sun­set is approx­i­mate­ly at ear­ly 6 pm  Cam­bo­dia Coun­try­side Gold­en Sun­set Look at the gold­en sun­set (the red or gold­en sun is going down) in one of Cam­bo­dia vil­lages that we were trav­el­ing through­out pad­dy rice fields and moun­tain­ous areas, in fast there are big forests behind the yel­low and green pad­dy rice fields. My name is Pho, I am a well Cam­bo­dia adven­tur­er and I also love to trav­el to across Cam­bo­dia and some of the coun­tries in South­east Asia regions. And i have worked as a free­lancer tour guide, pri­vate taxi dri­ver for more than a decade and take adven­tur­ing around to any­where in Cambodia  To view the Cam­bo­dia gold­en coun­try­side sun­set it need you to take steps out of Cam­bo­dia mega cities and then trav­el­ing straight for few weeks across the coun­try, this hol­i­day is called Cam­bo­dia Road Trips the hol­i­day is going to pass towns, state and some of rur­al areas.   The Cam­bo­dia Coun­try­side Gold­en Sun­set is can be pro­vid­ed by the group of Cam­bo­dian­Drivers teams if you are look­ing to have a nice trip to go around the coun­try then feel free con­tact us for more trav­el infor­ma­tions at the fol­low­ing address bellow.