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Oral Interpretation Dog Slaughterhouses Cambodia

Oral Inter­pre­ta­tion Dog Slaugh­ter­hous­es Cam­bo­dia The work as a oral inter­pre­ta­tion to res­cue dog’s lives from any dog slaugh­ter­hous­es at Cam­bo­di­a’s coun­try­side then i do need to plans to have com­mu­ni­ca­tion ahead with the own­er of slaugh­ter­hous­es and also it required to get up ear­ly to see the whole process, from the start­ing till the end of dog lives. This work­ing is very need to trav­el from place to place at coun­try­side in order to see how dif­fer­ence of the slaugh­ter­er to killing the dogs for meats. And more­over; peo­ples at the coun­try­side have a dif­fer­ence speak­ing and some­time it also need times to find out what we want­ed to do and what they want to do for the exe­cut­ing the dogs. 

Remove dogs from van to vet

From the start to end, it meant about my cus­tomers want­ed. and my client intend­ed to see when big trucks and small motor drove in the slaugh­ter­house and how to the dog killers trans­fer a cage to oth­er cage “some cages is belong to slaugh­ter­house and some is owned by the truck” How­ev­er, in order to see the process of dog slaugh­ter­ing i do need to look for slaugh­ter­hous­es then make arrange­ment ahead after that make a good tim­ing “when does the dog and the truck arrive to the house of slaugh­ter­ing ?”. After the nego­ti­a­tion get done then the work of the pri­vate inter­preter to res­cue dog lives is go through.