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Phnom Penh Private Taxi Driver

Wel­come to Phnom Penh Cap­i­tal of Cam­bo­dia, the city where is more than 1.6 mil­lions of peo­ples are resid­ing inside the cap­i­tal and out­side of the mod­ern town of Cam­bo­dia, where is the most busies city of coun­try ever, where is pole of light are always turn on from day time till night 24hours are still light.  [br]

Apart of mega city of Cam­bo­dia, then Phnom Penh Pri­vate Taxi Dri­ver is also one of the needs to per­form our busi­ness­es in the most busies life of the Phnom Penh city. Phnom Penh Pri­vate Taxi Dri­ver is work­ing as an Eng­lish pri­vate spo­ken dri­ver inside and out­side, if you are on vaca­tion or work­ing con­di­tions   [br]

Our Eng­lish pri­vate spo­ken taxi dri­ver can be book­ing through online and our email address and phone con­tact num­ber that we are being pro­vid­ed in web­site after we are got a book­ing you then the serv­ing is a high class­es ser­vice to you as per­son­al guest and there is going to be you only in our car, basi­cal­ly from a place to an oth­er dif­fer­ent places in Phnom Penh city cen­tre, if we got book­ing request from an indi­vid­ual [br]

We also offer tour­ing to explore all of Cam­bo­dia ter­ri­to­ries if you would like to see Cam­bo­dia unseen things by land and slow­ly through your eyes then let get in our pri­vate car to take an adven­ture from a place to oth­er dif­fer­ent loca­tion in the king­dom of Cam­bo­dia [br]


Here we are, the abil­i­ty of Phnom Penh Pri­vate Taxi Dri­ver is our Eng­lish well speak­ing dri­ver team and we are able to suite your needs and it would be not a prob­lem for all of you if you would like to have an escort­ed tour guide or dri­ving and speak­ing guide, it’s also ok for Eng­lish Pri­vate Taxi Dri­ver to catch up your demands, because the expe­ri­ence work­ing as speak­ing guide and dri­ving peo­ple had been start­ed since late 2008 until now. And also before attend­ing the job each of the group mem­ber had already went to Eng­lish pri­vate class­es and the Eng­lish class­es were includ­ed part time and full time, this is the good abil­i­ty we are able to give you a good to go from the start till tour fin­ished. Then we are good enough to give you a well of Eng­lish speak­ing guide to ever you decid­ed to spend your hol­i­day in our beloved coun­try of Cambodia. 

For Exam­ple, Mr. Ya Song is the group mem­ber of the Cam­bo­di­an Dri­vers Taxi Car Rental and he is one of the most Eng­lish well out­stand­ing spo­ken taxi dri­ver, if every­one are look­ing to get the most Eng­lish well talk­a­tive and pri­vate taxi dri­ver to explore phnom Penh city and let spread to lot of Cam­bo­dia ter­ri­to­ries and then Mr. Song Ya is suite for your needs ever, had before 😊  [br]

The Expe­ri­ence Work­ing as Eng­lish Pri­vate Speak­ing Dri­ver in Phnom Penh city had been start­ed since the begin­ning of 1999, at the of his Eng­lish was alpha­bet Eng­lish spo­ken guide and drove his motor­bike to around Phnom Penh for life. Actu­al­ly, it was year for a good time to start his Eng­lish begin­ner class­es. Eng­lish at pri­vate class­es and work­ing as Eng­lish spo­ken motor­bike dri­ver. Total­ly, the year that he has been the job of self employed guide is been more than 20 years so far now, it’s from the start till today, and it will be con­tin­u­ing to oth­er year so far.[br][br]

Hon­est­ly, the group of Cam­bo­di­an Dri­vers Taxi Car Rental work­ing as Phnom Penh Pri­vate Taxi Dri­ver is the self-employ­ment busi­ness, we need to take of our rep­u­ta­tion as the self per­son­al guide 

Most­ly, I am work­ing as Eng­lish well spo­ken tour guide and pri­vate taxi dri­ver, “there is going to be one guide who is serv­ing for whole across Cam­bo­dia, we are able to dri­ve and explain while I am dri­ving or work­ing to escort you around the country”.