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Phnom Penh Shooting Range Club Cambodia

Phnom Penh Shoot­ing Range Club Cam­bo­dia The shoot­ing range club of Phnom Penh is open to world­wide tourists to come to shoot every guns that they wish to blow up as they are arrived the gun range club of Phnom penh. And they are two kinds of shoot­ing Range Clubs in Phnom Penh. 
  • Indoor shoot­ing range is locat­ed around Phnom Penh air­port and it’s approx­i­mate­ly took 30–45 min­utes by Tuk Tuk or Cars
  • Out­door shoot­ing range club, it’s locat­ed about 90–120 min­utes dri­ve from the cap­i­tal and also one way dri­ve by cars. the list of Cam­bo­dia Fire Range Out­Door Phnom Penh is here https://www.cambodiafirerange.com/en/detail/view/254?ctype=article
If you would like have phnom penh sight­see­ing tour and shoot­ing at the same day, please give the job to us “CambodianDrivers.Com”