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phnom penh tuk tuk driver city tour

Look­ing for Tuk Tuk to explore Phnom Penh city while you are already in Phnom Penh or plan­ning to vis­it Cam­bo­di­a’s phnom Penh ? Then it’s going to be a good time for Cam­bo­di­an Dri­vers Taxi Car Rental to offer the best Eng­lish Spo­ken Tuk Tuk dri­ver to you to escort to see all Phnom Penh Tourism can let you vis­it for whole day long 

The team of Cam­bo­di­an Dri­vers Taxi Car Rental is avail­able around Cam­bo­di­a’s cities like, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Bat­tam­bang, Kam­pot, Kep, Sihanoukville and some more across Cam­bo­dia. this is the best chance to our tuk tuk chain in every Cam­bo­di­a’s townships

Tuk tuk Tour in Phnom Penh is able to bring you and friends to see the most pop­u­lar and also tourist attrac­tion spots in and around Phnom Penh city and it’s a very trans­porta­tion to ride in and to go out of phnom penh town


As every­one already known that Phnom Penh city is the largest city and cap­i­tal of Cam­bo­dia and there are sev­er­al things to see/to vis­it with your pri­vate tuk tuk dri­ver who is able to speak well in English

Here bel­low are the most vis­it­ed tourist sites in Phnom Penh

  • Roy­al Palace and Sil­ver Pagoda
  • Nation­al Muse­um Art Gallery
  • Wat Phnom Temple
  • Shop­ping at Russ­ian Mar­ket or Cen­tral Market
  • River­side
  • Inde­pen­dent Monument
  • Toul Sleng Geno­cide Muse­um or well known as Secu­ri­ty 21 AKA S21
  • Cheoung Ek or well known as the Killing Field

and more .….……

Cen­tral Mar­ket in Phnom Penh city, mid­dle town

The cen­tral mar­ket in Phnom Penh was built about 100 years ago and dur­ing of the last 100 years ago the mar­ket was the first super mar­ket in Cam­bo­di­a’s Phnom Penh city and now turn­ing to local and pop­u­lar mar­ket, tourist attrac­tion mar­ket also. World­wide tourists have nev­er missed to vis­it the mar­ket if they have asked for the tourist things to do in Phnom Penh.

Think­ing of tak­ing adven­tur­ing in Phnom Penh then our Cam­bo­di­an Dri­vers Taxi Car Rental team is very plea­sured to pro­vide you a. good rid­ing in Tuk Tuk ser­vice to explore city as much as you want to see. 

Thanks for tak­ing your valu­able time to vis­it Cambodia

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