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Private Taxi Phnom Penh Siem Reap

Phnom Penh to go to Siem Reap or Siem Reap to go to Phnom Penh, or  make a one day round trip between Phnom Penh Siem Reap city is def­i­nite­ly possible,


A ser­vice which it is called Pri­vate Taxi Phnom Penh Siem Reap it’s let you leav­ing the city of Phnom Penh of Siem Reap city at your own deci­sion time and it’s not at rush time, more­over;  you can also ask your own dri­ver to dri­ve at suit­able speed. After that you can eas­i­ly relax or do your work while trav­el­ing from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap or Siem reap to Phnom Penh on nation­al road num­ber #6. 

For the pick­ing up is also more great and easy it need you to tell the com­ing dri­ver to come to your own site and it need you to give your accom­mo­da­tion address to 

In con­clu­sion, we would like to voice to the guide who is going to be your per­son­al dri­ver “when you want to ride the car from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap or Siem Reap to Phnom Penh” the date of the com­ing trip, tim­ing and your cur­rent­ly house address and then every­thing else just wait­ing for the com­ing day and let have a sit­ting in our com­fort­able car, it’s also your pri­vate car to go through to the des­ti­na­tion, you are already tar­get­ed so far.

Think­ing of hav­ing a pri­vate taxi to go Siem Reap from Phnom Penh for per­son­al hol­i­day, indi­vid­ual meet­ing or pri­vate work­ing con­di­tions with your poten­tial part­ners is the best choice to use the ser­vice as Pri­vate Taxi Phnom Penh Siem Reap, it’s fast and easy for of circumstances 

Get in your Pri­vate taxi from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap or from Siem reap to Phnom penh is a way and also one day dri­ve. and it lets you to cus­tomize your trav­el­ing time, decide what time is good to leave the city of where you are at.

The price of the trav­el­ing is cost 199 usd, con­tact us for fur­ther details then we are hap­py to reply to you the details of trans­porta­tion fee, what is includ­ed in the pack­age of the fees. 

most­ly the pri­vate car we are being used for every sin­gle trip are Toy­ota Lexus RX 300, Toy­ota Lexus RX 330, Toy­ota High­lander and vehi­cles uses petrols, the petrol is half price high­er than LGP gas, whole group of Cam­bo­di­an dri­vers car rental is not allowed to LGP gas to use in every cars 


Last, think­ing of hav­ing a pri­vate trans­porta­tion from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap or Siem Reap to Phnom Penh city then we are able to assist you all con­di­tion to bring you to des­ig­nat­ed des­ti­na­tion as you pre­ferred too long ago.