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Royal Palace Throne Hall Phnom Penh

To those of vis­i­tor who is vis­it­ing the roy­al palace then the Throne Hall is a first thing to see after every­one have walked through to tick­et counter then turn left after that those of you will be see­ing archi­tec­ture of the throne hall, and it’s a unique archi­tec­ture that nowhere can have the same. the build­ing is one of the splen­did build­ings, it have been used for the occa­sion of the coro­na­tions, meet­ing place of impor­tant dig­ni­taries, and many oth­er offi­cial cer­e­monies. [br][br]

Throne Hall is called Preah Thineang Vin­nichay for Cam­bo­di­an peo­ple. It is the place where Cam­bo­di­an king and cab­i­net has been used to dis­cuss the coun­try events. Nowa­days, roy­al rit­u­als and reli­gious such as coro­na­tion, roy­al mar­riages, and greet­ing to local and inter­na­tion­al guests.


The Throne Hall was built twice, the first for­ma­tion of wood was between 1869 and 1870 dur­ing the peri­od of King Norodom, and then the build­ing was destroyed in 1915. The Throne Hall today was built in 1917 and was launched in 1919 by King Sisowath. The build­ing has an area of 30 x 60m, with 59m high of the top tow­er. Like all the hous­es and build­ings in the palace, the Throne Hall is locat­ed in the east and becomes the most bril­liant in the morn­ing. The Throne is placed in the cen­ter of the room.

The throne was used for the coro­na­tion of the king on his coro­na­tion day, the last time under the time of King Sihan­moni has not done the coro­na­tion cer­e­mo­ny on this throne. The ceil­ing has a dome struc­ture dec­o­rat­ed with bril­liant motifs describ­ing the leg­end Reamk­er. This is con­sid­ered a unique pic­ture with the ways draw­ing on the ceil­ing and col­or which is not fad­ed over time.