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S 21 Toul Sleng Prison Genocide Museum Phnom Penh

Before 1975, Toul Sleng was one of the big high school in Phnom Penh then when pol pot took the coun­try of Cam­bo­dia in 1975 April 17 they con­vert­ed the school into a largest such cen­ter of deten­tion and tor­ture in the coun­try. after the regime was over tin 1979 Jan­u­ary 07 the site brought  lives which was Over 17,000. [br]


From 975 April 17 till 1979 Jan­u­ary 07, the whole coun­try of Cam­bo­dia were led and con­trolled by a small group of Cam­bo­di­an which named as Pot Pol, lat­er it was well known as Demo­c­ra­t­ic Kapuchea “Demo­c­ra­t­ic of Cam­bo­dia” or Khmer Rouge, Red Khmer regime. The pop­u­lar name is Khmer Rouge which it was name by the late king Norodom Sihanouk. and the red is referred to com­mu­nism party.

the site had kept to inter­ro­ga­tion and tor­tur­ing all Cam­bo­di­an peo­ples which were left from the last regime “repub­lic of Cam­bo­dia or well known as democ­ra­cy poli­cies, led by Lon Not and backed by the Unit­ed State of Amer­i­ca”,  for­eign­ers and then mem­bers of it’s own group  the room of the each build­ing were con­vert­ed to per­son­al and was very tiny cell , the jailed peo­ples had to con­fess. Some of the those jailed was died at site dur­ing of tor­tur­ing “to get the answers they want­ed” and after the jailed  peo­ple con­fessed, signed in paper then no more hurt­ing them but the Khmer Rouge trans­port­ed the vic­tims to Killing Fields of Che­ung Ek is sit­u­at­ed 15 kilo­me­ters south-west of Phnom Penh. where was the last exter­mi­na­tion camp to be executed