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Sihanoukville Tuk Tuk Taxi Driver

Are you look­ing out for local an adven­tur­er to go Sihanoukville as your pri­vate Tuk Tuk or taxi Dri­ver-Guide ? Here is going to be a good chance for me to pro­vide tour­ing ser­vice for your whole trip along the sea­side of Cam­bo­dia. [br][br]

My name is Pho, I am local tuk tuk or taxi guide in Sihanoukville town, the work as the local dri­ver tuk tuk or taxi has been start­ed when i moved to there in 2013, it have been 7 years from the start till now and going to more years to come. There are more tings to see and things to do in Sihanoukville Things To Do


Sihanoukville Province is one of the coastal cities in Cam­bo­dia and the cap­i­tal of Sihanoukville is also called Sihanoukville, It’s easy to note it,

Pho, Pri­vate oral inter­preter guide Cambodia

If you are look­ing for a pri­vate guide with­in Eng­lish speak­ing tuk tuk dri­ver to go around the town let go to send me emails then we are send­ing you back with a minute.[br][br]

thanks! for the inter­est­ed in our ser­vice as a pri­vate trans­porta­tion and also Eng­lish Speak­ing drivers/guides around Cambodia