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Sihanoukville Tuk Tuk Drivers

Sihanoukville Tuk Tuk Drivers


Greet­ing the Sihanoukville Tuk Tuk Dri­vers, ded­i­cat­ed to those of peo­ples who are already being stayed in Sihanoukville or just planned on your vaca­tion of a vis­it­ing to Sihanoukville for your hol­i­day or busi­ness trips, then you are prob­a­bly seek­ing a good mod­el trans­port­ing to explore the lit­tle sea­side city,  here we are would like to show of our Cam­bo­di­an Dri­vers Taxi Car Rental’s Tuk Tuk Dri­vers Sihanoukville teams, Tuk Tuk is becom­ing the most pop­u­lar ride to go to around the city of Sihanoukville and oth­er main cities of Cam­bo­dia, so far. 

Sihanoukville is Cam­bo­di­a’s sea­sides and tourist attrac­tion city, the Sihanoukville, known as Kam­pong Som in Khmer, sits on the King­doms’ penin­su­la of the pris­tine south­ern coast on the Gulf of Thai­land. As the fourth-largest city in Cam­bo­dia, it is a key hub for trade, busi­ness and tourism and it has been under­go­ing mas­sive devel­op­ment. The coastal city also is the cap­i­tal of Preah Sihanouk province

Beside the fourth largest city and key hub of eco­nom­ic loca­tion, Sihanoukville is the also the third tourist attrac­tion sites of Cam­bo­dia, and the attrac­tion of Sihanoukville things are fresh seafoods, fresh airs is to relax along the beau­ti­ful long beach at Ochheuteal Beach and oth­er islands like Koh Rong island and Koh Rong Sameoum island, which are about 45 min­utes by speedy boats and 2 hours by slow­ly boats. 

Here we are the beau­ti­ful sea­sides of Sihanoukville main­land areas, the long beach­es is allowed all of you to have some relax and walk­ing along the qui­et and pret­ty sea­side or tak­ing sun­bathing under an umbrel­la (it’s beer a clock), and also the clear sea water is the holy tablets to cut­down the ten­sions or stress­ful which you have been car­ried for years, so far.


Def­i­nite­ly, to see those of the inter­est­ed things around the Sihanoukville city is the must thing to do while your trip are across the city,  Tuk Tuks and Taxi car, the Tuk Tuk Dri­vers of Sihanoukville is still well pop­u­lar trans­porta­tion to ride in and ride around the Sihanoukville city. 

Cam­bo­di­an Dri­vers Taxi Car Rental’s Tuk Tuk Dri­vers Sihanoukville are very good at gen­er­al knowl­edgable Tuk Tuk dri­vers in speak­ing Eng­lish to oth­ers world­wide trav­el­ers, and also the long year expe­ri­ences in the tourism  fields.


Let be talk­ing about Tuk Tuk, sure Tuk Tuk is relax­able land trans­porta­tion and it’s abil­i­ty to ride you around Sihanoukville city for all day and night long if you want the dri­ver to serve you from sun­rise till sundown.

Feel free take a look some of the Tuk Tuk mod­els are being showed in a pic­ture bel­low, Tuk Tuk let you and your friend share your sit in one tuk tuk and dri­ve you to all the ways and places you would like to go explore.

This Tuk Tuk is one of Cam­bo­dia made productions 


Hel­lo every­one, this is Mr. Sna and I am the best tuk tuk dri­ver in Sihanoukville and I been liv­ing in Sihanoukville for entire life of my last 15 years, I moved to live Sihanoukville in 2005 after i mar­ried to my beau­ti­ful wife and now we had our best’s life present is our son and daughter 


My dai­ly work­ing in Sihanoukville is to take every cus­tomer to see the unseen things to do in and around Sihanoukville city, my work­ing expe­ri­ences with­in world­wide tourists is plen­ty of works

When­ev­er you are planned to vis­it Sihanoukville then the team called Cam­bo­di­an Dri­vers Taxi Car Rental’s Tuk Tuk Dri­vers Sihanoukville is suit­able to pro­vide kind of mod­el land trans­porta­tion and we are very abil­i­ty to bring you to go to see what­ev­er you want to go


last­ly , Cam­bo­di­an Dri­vers Taxi Car Rental’s Tuk Tuk Dri­vers Sihanoukville is very big thanks and appre­ci­ate for vis­it­ing Cam­bo­dia, All the best to you all