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Phnom Penh Taxi Tuk Tuk Driver Cambodia

Greet­ing Cam­bo­di­an Eng­lish Speak Phnom Penh Taxi Tuk Tuk Dri­ver Cam­bo­dia, Phnom Penh is the cap­i­tal of Cam­bo­dia where the habi­tant of 1.6 mil­lions peo­ples are res­i­dent in the Cam­bo­dia biggest city

Greet­ing Every­one, 

My name is Van, full name is called Van­na Rith Neth, I am res­i­den­cy in Phnom Penh cap­i­tal and hugest city of Cam­bo­dia and my ful­ly life is a self employed guide and dri­ver, I do land trans­porta­tion across Phnom Penh as the out­stand­ing Tuk Tuk and Taxi dri­ver, I am tak­ing from a place to oth­er dif­fer­ence loca­tion in Phnom Penh with­in my love­ly Tuk Tuk.

The pop­u­lar­i­ty of Tuk Tuk is for going around Phnom Penh sight­see­ing tour, most­ly peo­ple with­in a group small of 1–4 peo­ples pre­fer to have a good relax­ing in my ele­gant Tuk Tuk, the best to suite in one tuk tuk is two peo­ples, it’s nice to seat at the back­side of it and then let move to wher­ev­er you would like to vis­it in the Cam­bo­di­a’s cap­i­tal of Phnom Penh. Beside run­ning a Tuk Tuk to explore the Cam­bo­dia cap­i­tal, I am also tak­ing world­wide tourist to trav­el around Cam­bo­dia ter­ri­to­ry that’s includ­ed towns and provinces with­in pri­vate cars.

Def­i­nite­ly, Tuk Tuk is one the most com­fort­able land trans­porta­tions in and around Phnom Penh is able to fit­ting every pas­sen­gers on board for it’s max­i­mum of 4 peo­ples are able to seat­ing in one Tuk Tuk, the com­mon use tuk tuk is to explore whole Phnom Penh sight­see­ing city tour, also sit­ting in the tuk tuks is to see­ing  real land­scapes (by your eyes, with­out mir­ror block) of every­where you are at. 

Van taking pic with his customer and his Tuk Tuk

Above is a pic­ture of Mr. Van and his cus­tomer with­in his Tuk Tuk on his back­side, this is the sam­ple of a hap­py cus­tomer group after being seen the Phnom Penh sight­see­ing stuffs.

Lit­er­al­ly, if you were seek­ing to get an authen­tic of the Eng­lish well Tuk Tuk Speak­ing dri­ver and also work­ing as your pri­vate Guide to explore around Cam­bo­di­a’s Phnom Penh then I am Mr. Van is suite all needs. 


The most vis­it­ed places by Tuk Tuk of Phnom Penh Sight­see­ing Tour are bel­low ; I’s for In and around the capital

  1. The Roy­al Palace and Sil­ver Pagoda

5. Wat Phnom Hill

8. Shop­ping at Cen­tral or/and Russ­ian Market

9. S 21 Toul Sleng Prison Geno­cide Museum

10. Killing Fields Choe­ung Ek Memorial

2. Cam­bo­dia Shoot­ing Ranges 

Out­door of Phnom Penh City

11. The Silk Island Mekong Island

16. Udong Moun­tain

15. Ta Prohm tem­ple Bati River

14. The zoo at Tamao mountain

13. Apasa Tra­di­tion­al Dancing

Dear to peo­ple who would love to use my Tuk Tuk or Taxi ser­vice and will­ing to spend your valu­able time to see the most Phnom Penh top vis­it­ed tourist sites then feel free to con­tact me @ fol­low­ing phone num­ber and email

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Ear­ly Life, Taxi Tuk Tuk Driver

The life of self employ­ment had been start­ed since 2007  and at the begin­ning i was employ­ing as a Motor Taxi dri­ver and at the time of cus­tomer’s demands to have wider and big­ger sizes of mod­ern trans­porta­tion then I decid­ed to buy a Tuk Tuk at the year of 2008 after that the job of a Tuk Tuk dri­ver are being start­ed un till nowadays. 

My con­tact @ fol­low­ing phone num­ber and email

Call, Inter, What­sApp & Telegram @ +855–17798268, +855–87798268

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The con­tact above are my per­son­al and I am of the Cam­bo­di­an Dri­vers Taxi Car Rental mem­bers,  If you have been look­ing for the out­stand­ing of Eng­lish well spo­ken dri­ver then I am your super dri­ver and guide.

Beside run­ning an Eng­lish Speak­ing Tuk Tuk Dri­ver I am also man­ag­ing my SUV of Toy­ota Lexus Taxi Dri­ver Phnom Penh, Actu­al­ly the Lexus car is designed for going away from Phnom Penh cap­i­tal and it’s the most com­fort­able vehi­cles to man­age all cus­tomer needs around Cambodia.

Actu­al­ly, the job as Phnom Penh Taxi Dri­ver is able to bring every­one of you to go to any places across Cam­bo­di­a’s ter­ri­to­ries and plus expe­ri­ence i have made so far with my ex-clients were a lot, it’s going to be my good guide to con­nect me to oth­er road trips around Cambodia.

If your group is more 3 peo­ples then my group is abil­i­ty to serve you with­in 12 seat van, Cam­bo­di­an Dri­vers Taxi Car Rental is the lead­ing land trans­porta­tions to explore any des­ti­na­tions that usu­al­ly leav­ing from a main city of Cam­bo­dia to mul­ti­ple cities across the kingdom 


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Call, Inter, What­sApp & Telegram @ +855–17798268, +855–87798268

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